Azerbaijani community in Switzerland strongly condemns Armenian provocation in Geneva

The Azerbaijani community living in Switzerland has made an official appeal to the organizers of the Palexpo book fair over the provocative actions of the Armenian diaspora activities, the State Committee for Diaspora Affairs told News.Az.

The appeal notes that the Karabakh economic region is located on the internationally recognized territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

“Nevertheless, "Armenie Culture & Saveurs" center located in Geneva, Rue de Lozanne, distributes unacceptable materials at the book exhibition titled "Nagorno-Karabakh Republic". The Azerbaijani community strongly protests against the ongoing provocations of the Armenian diaspora,” the appeal says.

It is also stressed that in the fall of 2020, Azerbaijan re-established its sovereignty over Karabakh and seven adjacent regions during the 44-day war, thereby fulfilling the UN's four resolutions.

The Azerbaijani community states that multinational and multicultural Switzerland had become the second home for Azerbaijanis. However, the Azerbaijani House in Switzerland expresses its sincere concerns regarding the rising tension and hostility of the Armenian community towards Azerbaijan and its territorial integrity.

"Therefore, we strictly condemn the actions of "Armenie Culture & Saveurs" for hosting anti-Azerbaijan events at the book fair, and any support for continued separatism," the community adds.

The Coordinating Council of Azerbaijanis of Switzerland distributed the protest statement regarding the Armenian provocation.


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