Azerbaijani army transfers weapons, military equipment into summer operation mode

The process of transferring the weapons and specialized military equipment into the summer operation mode is held in all military units and subunits of the Azerbaijan Army in accordance with the training plan of the current year, reports via the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan.

At first, exemplary classes with the military personnel were held in military units and the rules of seasonal service were explained.

All military units were provided with fuel and lubricants, as well as other necessary spare parts and equipment in a centralized way in order to ensure the uninterrupted and sustainable operation of weapons, equipment, and aircraft in summer period.

At technical service points operating in military units, seasonal maintenance of equipment is performed in a planned manner, taking into account the climatic conditions, the state of electrical systems is checked as well. Also, the rules and safety requirements for the exploitation of equipment in summer period are delivered to the personnel.

It should be noted that the preparation of weapons and equipment for uninterrupted and sustainable operation during the summer serves to maintain the combat capability of military units at a high level.

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