Azerbaijani army launches drills in new training period (VIDEO)

In accordance with the combat training plan for 2022, training exercises of the new training period are being held in the mechanized and tank units of the Azerbaijan Army, the Defense Ministry told News.Az.

During the training exercises held in the combined-arms training centers, the units were put on alert and withdrawn to the assembly areas. In the course of the training exercises conducted by using modern management methods and taking into account the combat experience gained in the Patriotic War, the units perform the tasks of moving in coordination with other types of troops.

The main attention is paid to the improvement of the military personnel skills in operating armored vehicles in difficult terrain and using them in real combat conditions, as well as the fulfillment of firing tasks with various maneuvers.

Moreover, the level of knowledge, as well as management and agile decision-making skills of commanders and relevant officers, is also being improved.


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