Azerbaijani army doesn't shell churches, civilian objects – presidential aide

The Armenian side has disseminated information about that a church in the historical Azerbaijani Shusha city was allegedly hit by missile shelling from Azerbaijan, said Hikmet Hajiyev, Assistant to the President of Azerbaijan, Head of Foreign Policy Affairs Department of the Presidential Administration.

He pointed out that Azerbaijan has great respect for the feelings of Christians, while Armenia is manipulating this issue and spreading misinformation.

"The materials presented by Armenia about the missile shelling of the church are contradictory and are obvious lies,” Hajiyev said.

“Firstly, the Azerbaijani army doesn’t shell the churches and other civilian objects. At the indicated time, the Azerbaijani Armed Forces didn’t fire in that direction. Secondly, if there was a missile launch, the icons inside the church would’ve been seriously damaged. But, as can be seen from the photos, the icons weren’t damaged. Thirdly, Armenia began to assert that this strike was allegedly inflicted for the first time by F-16 fighter, that it was an aerial bomb, then began to assert that it was a missile strike,” the presidential aide added.

Hajiyev noted that there is no F-16 fighter in the arsenal of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces.

“As it can be seen, every time Armenia’s lies are exposed, the Armenian side begins to resort to new speculations. So, it is another provocation of Armenia, an attempt of an information attack on Azerbaijan. It is unacceptable to give a religious coloring to the ongoing military aggression against Azerbaijan by Armenia,” he concluded.

“This way, Armenia wants to hide the policy of destruction of the material and cultural heritage belonging to the Azerbaijani people in the occupied Azerbaijani lands, the destruction of mosques and other religious monuments. These days, a missile was launched from Armenia at a mosque in the Beylagan city and the Imamzade religious complex in Ganja. Azerbaijan renovates Christian religious monuments in many places around the world, including the Vatican,” the president’s aide added.

“We express our respect for the Christians of the world. After the liberation of the Azerbaijani lands from the Armenian occupation, all cultural and religious monuments will be restored and renovated here,” Hajiyev added.



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