Azerbaijan will remain ‘important player’ in energy sector - former ExxonMobil VP

Azerbaijan will remain an important player in the energy sector even after geopolitical tension in the world is alleviated, the former vice president of ExxonMobil, Jean Baderschneider, told journalists on the sidelines of the 10th Global Baku Forum.

She noted that over the last year, there was an energy crisis in Europe due to the lack of reliable and stable gas supplies. Baderschneider said that during this time, Azerbaijan made a significant contribution to ensuring Europe's energy security.

According to Baderschneider, Azerbaijan's strength lies in its potential in the field of renewable energy sources. She stressed that the country has every opportunity to form an energy partnership with Europe in this direction.

"Despite Azerbaijan being a small country, the effect of the development of renewable energy sources can be enormous. Azerbaijan has the opportunity to obtain hydroelectric power, solar energy, as well as use wind power," the former vice president of ExxonMobil said.

Baderschneider also highly appreciated the creation of the Southern Gas Corridor, which was implemented by virtue of the ability to anticipate future trends.


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