Azerbaijan will continue to keep Armenian provocations under control - military expert

Armenia wants to use Azerbaijan's retaliatory defense against its provocations in Kalbajar, Nakhchivan and other directions of the state border to attract the attention of the CSTO, Turkish military expert Abdullah Agar told News.Az.

"Under the current geopolitical realities, everything that happens in Karabakh cannot but affect the broader policy in terms of geography. Therefore, it is necessary to be particularly careful in this matter, not to allow any manipulation and provocations. And so far Azerbaijan has managed to handle the situation very skillfully, and everything will be kept under control in the same spirit in the future. We see that all these tactical steps by Armenia turn against itself. We know that its military-political leadership has had and is still using some tactical plans inherent in "their world". But now the conditions are completely different. Azerbaijan has liberated its lands from occupation," he said.

The expert stressed that now there is a struggle in the political and diplomatic sphere and it is necessary for the international community to force Armenia to fulfill its obligations under the trilateral agreement and to give up the idea of violating them.


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