Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan discuss joint exploration of 'Dostlug' hydrocarbon field

Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan have engaged in discussions regarding the joint development of the 'Dostlug' hydrocarbon field, reports.

Azerbaijan's Minister of Economy, Mikayil Jabbarov and SOCAR President Rovshan Najaf have met with Deputy Chairman of Turkmenistan’s’ Cabinet of Ministers Batyr Amanov, and his colleagues.

The discussions focused on key aspects of bilateral energy cooperation, encompassing ongoing collaboration in energy exchange and joint exploration of hydrocarbon resources at the 'Dostlug' field. Additionally, they explored SOCAR's potential involvement in the development of other fields in Turkmenistan.

A memorandum of understanding between Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan for the joint exploration and development of hydrocarbon resources at the 'Dostlug' deposit in the Caspian Sea was signed on January 21, 2021. 'Dostlug' is the new name for the field, previously known as 'Kapaz' in Azerbaijan and 'Sardar' in Turkmenistan. Prior negotiations had been conducted for the joint development of this field.

This oil and gas field, as assessed by SOCAR, could have its reserves confirmed using modern seismic exploration methods and possibly exploratory drilling. Addressing numerous technical and commercial considerations is essential for the ongoing development of this field.

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