Azerbaijan, Turkey continue "TurAz Falcon - 2021" joint flight-tactical exercises (VIDEO)

The "TurAz Falcon - 2021" Joint Flight-Tactical Exercises continue in Konya, Turkey, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry said on Tuesday.

In accordance with the plan of the exercises, Azerbaijani and Turkish military pilots carried out combat flights in the daylight hours.

The flights were preceded by a briefing on the operation plan, weather conditions, and other technical issues.

According to the plan as part of a joint operation, the

Azerbaijani and Turkish military pilots successfully fulfilled the task of destroying the imaginary enemy's air defense systems, strategic facilities, and aircraft ensuring the defense of these facilities.

It should be noted that Azerbaijani military pilots are participating in exercises on Su-25 attack aircraft and MiG-29 fighters.

The exercises will last until September 17.


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