Azerbaijan to increase budget financing of healthсare sector in 2022

The spending of Azerbaijan’s state budget on healthcare in 2022 will grow.

This is envisaged in the draft law 'On the state budget of Azerbaijan for 2022', published in the official press on Oct.27, News.Az reports.

This indicator will amount to 1.79 billion manat ($1.05 billion), up by almost 27 percent, while in the 2021 budget, spending on the above sphere is expected to make up nearly 1.41 billion manat ($830 million).

In the structure of healthcare spending in the draft budget for next year, 1.66 million manat ($980,000) will be allocated for polyclinics and ambulatory care clinics, 171.14 million manat ($100.67 million) - hospitals, 2.59 million manat ($1.52 million) – applied medical researches, and 1.61 billion manat ($950 million) – for other medical programs and services.

The revenues of the state budget of Azerbaijan in 2022, according to official forecasts, will amount to about 26.82 billion manat ($15.77 billion), an increase of 5.4 percent compared to 2021. At the same time, state budget expenditures are planned at the level of 29.89 billion manat ($17.58 billion), which is 4.7 percent more than this year. Thus, a deficit of just over 3.06 billion manat ($1.8 billion) will be formed in the budget, which is 1.7 percent less than in 2021.


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