Azerbaijan to expand local radio broadcasting network

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev signed an order on allocating funds to expand the country's radio broadcasting network, News.Az reports.

According to the order, 13.7 million manat ($8.06 million) is allocated to the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport of Azerbaijan for the purpose of acquiring and installing equipment for expanding the radio broadcasting network in the territory of Azerbaijan, as well as improving the material and technical base of existing broadcasting stations, creating the necessary infrastructure that supports the provision of sustainable activities, and financing operating costs from the reserve fund of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as provided for in the state budget of the Republic of Azerbaijan for 2023.

The Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan was instructed to ensure that the funds necessary to finance current expenses for the next three years in connection with the implementation of the measures specified in Part 1 of this decree are provided for in the draft state budget for the relevant years, as well as to resolve issues arising from this decree.

Besides, the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Azerbaijan was instructed to provide funding in the specified amount.


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