Azerbaijan successfully continues the operation to identify and eliminate militants in Karabakh - military expert

After Azerbaijan has liberated its territories from occupation, Yerevan has lost control over the terrorists remaining in Karabakh. They have become a tool in the hands of certain groups that want to undermine the agreement on the resolution of the conflict.

Military expert Shair Ramaldanov expressed the due opinion in a conversation with News.Az.

"Unfortunately, the post-war period is always accompanied by such events. It was known that during the war and before it started, members of various Armenian terrorist groups were brought into the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, and they did not hide this fact. And some partisan units were created right on the spot," the expert said.

According to the expert, Azerbaijan was ready for such a development and the country's Armed Forces will continue mopping up the liberated lands from the remaining militants.

"The political situation in Armenia itself is now such state that even inside the country there is little they can control. And these mercenaries and fighters have been financed by various circles, particularly the diaspora. The purpose of these groups is to engage in plundering and terror. All of this is happening as it was expected. Azerbaijan is successfully continuing the operation to identify and eliminate them," he concluded.


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