Azerbaijan starts installing automatic hydrological stations in liberated territories

The installation of automatic hydrological stations on the rivers in Azerbaijani territories liberated from the Armenian occupation has begun, Faig Mutallimov, head of the environmental policy department at the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, said on Facebook, News.Az reports.

"Along with landscaping, the work on sowing seeds was carried out in the liberated territories. The volume of mineral water reserves was studied,” Mutallimov said. “Against the background of the reduction of water resources, which occurs as a result of climate change, water resources in the liberated territories are very important.”

He noted that regular monitoring of the rivers is currently being carried out. At ten of them, the installation of 11 automatic hydrological stations has started.

“Work has begun on the restoration of the Basitchay State Nature Reserve. Moreover, a phased restoration of hydrometeorological activities in the territory is planned,” the ministry’s representative said. “During our monitoring, the pollution of water resources by Armenia in the liberated territories was established. In order to prevent this, measures are also being taken on various platforms, in cooperation with international organizations.

“At the same time, a plan is being developed for the restoration of water resources and their rational use,” he added.


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