Azerbaijan started to evacuate citizens from earthquake-hit areas of Türkiye

"The process of evacuating Azerbaijani citizens from the earthquake-hit areas of Türkiye has started from 15:00 today," the Azerbaijani ambassador to Türkiye Rashad Mammadov said, reports.

The ambassador said that a decision was made yesterday by the government of Azerbaijan to evacuate Azerbaijanis living in earthquake areas, and evacuation buses are leaving from the bus stations of Kahramanmarash, Malatya, Gaziantep, and Adana provinces of Türkiye starting at 15:00 today.

"We investigate the calls received by the operational headquarters and based on that we place the people to be evacuated on the buses," said the ambassador. 

Rashad Mammadov noted that Azerbaijani citizens who will be evacuated will be sent to their homeland via Georgia: "Several buses are already full and leaving". 

The Embassy did not unveil the number of Azerbaijani citizens who will be evacuated. 

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