Azerbaijan Security Service arrests foreign citizen on espionage suspicion

During the investigation of the criminal case by the State Security Service of Azerbaijan (SSS), reasonable suspicions were established that foreign citizen Ghaedi Mohammad Najaf, born in 1994, had committed criminal acts of espionage in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan, reports citing Azerbaijan's State Security Service.

According to the information, it was revealed on the basis of the numerous collected proofs that Ghaedi Mohammad Najaf, on the instruction of the foreign special service institution, acted in the direction of the organization of data collection and provision of information that is a state secret and to be used to the detriment of the security of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as getting the personal information of the employees of the law-enforcement body of the Republic of Azerbaijan, building personal relationships with them and involving them in the secret cooperation by the special service body of the foreign country.

Ghaedi Mohammad Najaf was charged with criminal responsibility under Article 276 (espionage) of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the court ordered preventive detention against him.

Criminal investigations are ongoing. 

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