Azerbaijan secures its truck drivers with traffic police

The traffic police officers accompany the drivers of vehicles transporting transit cargo through Azerbaijan, Trend reports on March 6 referring to the Azerbaijani Interior Ministry.

"After outbreak of coronavirus in neighboring countries, the movement of freight vehicles entering Azerbaijan from these countries, including from Iran, is controlled by police officers upon Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev’s order," the statement said.

"As a result of tightening the control over the transportation of transit goods through Azerbaijan, the police officers will control the process as long as the vehicles are within the country," the statement said. "The drivers outside their vehicles may rest only in the special places."

"While having a rest in special places, drivers are provided with food at the expense of the Interior Ministry," the statement said. "Special prayer rooms and rooms for medical check-up have been created there."

"After the rest, drivers, accompanied by traffic police officers, continue their trips," the statement said. "They are not allowed to communicate with local citizens throughout the movement and stop vehicles outside the schedule with the exception of emergency situations."

Azerbaijan remains one of the countries, least affected by the rapidly spreading coronavirus disease (COVID-19). The country's official structures are applying necessary measures to prevent any possible exposure of coronavirus. Azerbaijan has also imported necessary medical equipment to carry out coronavirus tests.

Member of the Operational Headquarters created under the Azerbaijani Cabinet of Ministers in connection with coronavirus Yagut Garayeva said on March 5 that at least 500 people have been quarantined in the country.

Until now, no deaths from the disease have been recorded in the country.


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