Azerbaijan says French FM’s biased statements aimed at distorting facts

Highly irresponsible remarks by Catherine Colonna, the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs of Franc, is aimed at distorting the facts on the ground, the Foreign Ministry of Azerbaijan said in a statement on Thursday.

The statement came after the biased remarks voiced by the French minister regarding the results of Azerbaijan’s anti-terrorism measures against illegal Armenian armed forces in its Garabagh region, News.Az reports.

The ministry noted that Local counter-terrorism measures undertaken by the armed forces of Azerbaijan to prevent further military provocations and terror acts of the illegal Armenian armed forces within its sovereign territory was in full compliance with international law, including international humanitarian law.

“Instead of condemning non-fulfillment of obligation on withdrawal of Armenian armed forces, and political-military provocations by Armenian leadership, including reckless congratulatory message by the Prime Minister of Armenia of 2 September addressed to the puppet regime sustained by Armenia for the last 30 years, France’s claims against Azerbaijan is nothing than emboldening separatism and revanchist forces within Armenia.

Despite its failure during previous Security Council meetings to sideline Azerbaijan, France’s yet another attempt to exploit the Security Council for its shortsighted policy in the region and ignorance of current realities definitely is detrimental, and will not yield any result for the sake of peace and security in the region,” said the ministry.

It was emphasized that Azerbaijan has never targeted civilian Armenians and is committed to conduct a smooth reintegration process of its ethnic Armenian residents into Azerbaijan and provide rights and security in the framework of the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Thus, allegations by France about non-existing “exodus” of the Armenian population is just a wishful thinking by France to blame Azerbaijan yet another time.

“The soonest full disarmament and withdrawal of all illegal armed formations and disbandment of the illegal puppet regime is the key for establishment of conditions for meaningful dialogue between the central Government representatives and local Armenian residents on the issues of their reintegration into Azerbaijan's constitutional framework as equal citizens,” the ministry said.

“We believe this will also positively contribute to the normalization process between Azerbaijan and Armenia.  

At a time when practical implementation of disarmament and demilitarization on the ground starts accompanied by direct dialogue between Armenian residents and central Azerbaijani officials, the consideration of the situation by the international community, especially by France should be in line with international law that is based on respect to territorial integrity and sovereignty of countries,” added the ministry.


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