Azerbaijan: Remains of another victim found in Khojaly mass grave identified

One individual, whose remains were unearthed in a mass grave in Azerbaijan’s liberated Khojaly district, have been identified, News.Az reports citing the press service of the Prosecutor General’s Office.

According to the information, the individual as been identified as Vagif Maharramov (born in 1951), a resident of Khankendi city.

Reportedly, during the excavations carried out as part of the major restoration and construction works in the center of Khojaly city liberated from occupation (near the former carpet factory), investigations continued in connection with the discovery of mass human remains in the burial ground.

Meanwhile, in the course of excavations carried out as part of major reconstruction and construction work in the center of the city of Khojaly (near the former carpet factory), which was liberated from occupation, investigations continue in connection with the discovery of mass human remains in a mass grave.

The investigation of the human remains discovered during the investigative examination at the said location revealed that they belonged to at least 18 persons, among whom four were presumably juveniles. They had been subjected to various forms of torture, physical violence, and cruel treatment. They had not been buried individually following religious rites; their bodies had not been properly preserved for identification; and they had not been marked with signs to determine their location.

Additionally, according to several indicators, the human remains found were buried at least 25 years ago.

The General Prosecutor's Office, together with the staff of the Forensic Medical Examination and Pathological Anatomy Association of the Ministry of Health, the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, the State Commission for Prisoners of War, Hostages, and Missing Citizens, and the Azerbaijan Representative Office of the International Committee of the Red Cross, inspected the scene of the incident, conducted an expert examination, and conducted laboratory tests to identify the victims from bone fragments and other relevant circumstances.

At the ongoing stage of the forensic genetic examination conducted by the Main Military Medical Department of the State Security Service, one more resident of Khankendi has been identified.


Thus, the remains of ten people found in the mass grave have already been identified:

(Residents of Khojaly district)

1. Aliyev Aghaali - 01.06.1933

2. Aliyeva Sureyya - 01.06.1933

3. Mahmudov Akif - 01.06.1962.

4. Salimov Hazar - 01.09.1974.

5. Salimova Tamilla - 01.06.1935.

6. Najafov Shiraslan - 01.06.1952.

(Residents of the town of Khankendi)

7. Javadov Ali - 15.06.1954.

8. Ismailov Ismail - 01.08.1955.

9. Maharramova Basira - 01.06.1954.

10. Maharramov Vagif - (01.06.1951)

Based on the investigation materials, all of the above persons disappeared on February 26, 1992, in the territory of Khojaly district.

The collected materials are being investigated in the Investigation Department of the General Prosecutor's Office by attaching them to the criminal case under preliminary investigation. The public will be provided with additional information.


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