Azerbaijan may tighten coronavirus restrictions

The quarantine regime may be tightened in Azerbaijan, according to the Cabinet of Ministers.

The number of coronavirus infected people has greatly increased recently. The analysis and observations show that the special rules of quarantine regime and sanitary and epidemiological requirements do not give expected results.

In some cases, business entities, despite the Operational Headquarters’ recommendations on attracting few employees to work, enter the data on all employees or the majority of employees, in the website, thus obtaining permission.

The private legal entities who do not have permission to continue activity also do the same.

This approach reduces the effectiveness of the introduced restrictive measures and poses a great threat to public health.

In this regard, the Operational Headquarters under the Cabinet of Ministers considers it necessary to review the issue of toughening a number of restrictions established in connection with the number of people allowed to work and will take the relevant important decisions.


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