Azerbaijan may apply quarantine measures if COVID-19 infections continue to increase

Azerbaijan tighten the quarantine measures related to COVID-19, if the infection rate continues to grow, Nabil Seyidov, chief of the health policy and planning department at the Center for Public Health and Reforms under the Health Ministry told Trend on Mar.5.

He said that currently, the best way to slow down the growth of infection cases is to speed up the vaccination process.

"At present, people over 50 are being vaccinated in the country. Since people of this age are in the main risk group, their active participation in the process is extremely important," he stressed.

Noting that the number of vaccinated people in the country is more than 300,000 people, he added that this cannot be considered a high indicator.

"Vaccination is very important for the development of collective immunity against COVID-19 among the population. Until everyone in the country develops immunity naturally or by vaccination, it will not be possible to interrupt the chain of infections,” Seyidov pointed out. “The growth in the number of infected persons on certain days shows that collective immunity against COVID-19 hasn’t yet been formed in the country.”

“Currently, Azerbaijan’s health care system can meet the treatment needs of 300 to 400 cases per day, but if the rate continues to increase, similar to the situation we had in Nov.-Dec. 2020, we may eventually run out of hospital beds," Seyidov warned.


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