Azerbaijan marks Republic Day

Azerbaijan marks Republic Day on May 28.

The 20th century became known in history not only as the age of science and technology but also as the age of liberation from colonization and the establishment of independent states.

The 1917 Russian Revolution put an end to the rule of the Romanovs and saw the collapse of the Russian Empire. Shortly thereafter, on May 28, 1918, patriotic leaders in Azerbaijan founded the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan.

The Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan was the first democratic republic in the Muslim East. It was a parliamentary state, had a flag, an anthem, and an army.

The Azerbaijan Democratic Republic existed for only 23 months. On April 28, 1920, the Bolshevik 11th Red Army occupied Azerbaijan and the republic collapsed.

Republic Day is celebrated as a state holiday in Azerbaijan on May 28 since 1990.

The Azerbaijani people celebrate May 28 - Republic Day in a different way this year. By the end of 2020, Azerbaijan finally liberated its territories held under Armenian occupation since the 1990s. Azerbaijan’s tricolor, inherited from the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, is now flying proudly in all districts of Azerbaijan.


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