Azerbaijan laying high-voltage power line to Shusha (VIDEO)

To connect the city of Shusha to the general electricity system of Azerbaijan and provide the city with sustainable energy, Azerenerji OJSC is laying a 110-kilovolt high-voltage power line from Fuzuli city to the city of Shusha, according to the company. 

At the same time, the ‘Shukurbeyli’ substation in Fizuli with the capacity of 110/35/10 kilovolt, which will supply electricity to most of the liberated territories as a source, is being completely reconstructed and its capacity is being increased, the message of the company said.

For this purpose, an additional 110 kV high-voltage line is being laid from the Imishli substation to the Shukurbeyli substation at a distance of 51 km.

Also, the total capacity of the substation will be increased from 50 MVA to 80 MVA. The substation will be controlled remotely through the installation of modern digital equipment, the message said.

Along with all, a 110 kV high-voltage power line is being laid from the Shukurbeyli substation in Fuzuli to the city of Shusha.

The Fuzuli-Shusha overhead line with a total length of 75 kilometers will be double-circuit, which will allow transferring loads from one line to another, without creating interruptions in power supply in the event of an accident.

“About 100 power transmission towers have already been installed and wires suspended at a distance of 15 km. The high-voltage overhead line going to the Shukurbeyli village of Fuzuli, Boyuktaglar village of Khojavand, Dashalty village of Shusha city will be connected to the existing substation in Shusha. However, after a while the line will be disconnected and installed at the newly built 110/35/10 kV substation in Shusha,” said the message.

“The construction of a new 110-kilovolt line is carried out on a rotational basis in the most difficult mountainous and wooded areas in snowy, foggy, rainy weather. The 110-kilovolt line "Fizuli-Shusha" will be commissioned in the near future, and after many years our light will be on in Shusha,” the message said.


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