Azerbaijan launches e-service in connection with COVID-19 vaccination

The Azerbaijani State Agency of Mandatory Health Insurance has launched a new e-service, thanks to which it will be possible to sign up for COVID-19 vaccination online, the Agency said on Friday. 

The purpose of creating an e-service is to distribute appeals in accordance with the capabilities of medical institutions and effectively manage the flow of people.

At the same time, the online queuing service saves citizens’ time and thus, the waiting time at vaccination points is minimized.

At the preliminary stage, people older 65 can use the e-service in accordance with the Strategy of Vaccination Against COVID-19 Disease in Azerbaijan for 2021-2022.

So, while visiting the Agency's website, it is necessary to choose the section "Online registration for vaccination against COVID-19". Then, it is necessary to enter the relevant information. An SMS will be sent to the mobile phone indicated after registration with the date, time and place where the first dose of the vaccine will be made.

The Agency stressed that re-registration is not required for vaccination with the second dose after 28 days. So, during registration, the queue is automatically fixed at the same time and place after the corresponding period of time.

A citizen must re-register to change the time or place where vaccination will be made.

When applying, a citizen must have an identity card.

The system automatically detects people with positive COVID-19 test result over the past year and their appeal is rejected.


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