Azerbaijan launches bus route to liberated Talish village

One of the main points of the purposeful activity carried out in the direction of the restoration and reconstruction of the liberated territories is to ensure the speedy resettlement of Azerbaijani citizens on their native lands in conditions of full security.

As part of the Great Return program, the Azerbaijan Land Transport Agency (AYNA) conducted a study on the opening of a bus route to meet the transport needs of the population living in the village of Talish in Tartar region and analyzed the possibilities of launching a route in its current state. It was decided to open a bus route to the village, News.Az reports. 

At the first stage, the route was organized from Shikharkh refugee settlement to Talish village, passing through the central market of the city of Terter, the bus terminal, the villages of Seydimli, Chayli and Sugovushan. Currently, passengers are served by one minibus, and two trips are made per day.

Currently, 90 people, including 20 families live in Talish village, located in a mountainous area, 29 km from the center of the region. At the next stage, it is planned to resettle 158 families to the village.


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