Azerbaijan increases gas export to Turkey

Turkey imported 3.727 billion cubic meters of gas in May 2017, up 15.9% from previous year, 18.16 mcm or 3.12% from previous month.

According to Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA), Turkey imported 3.125 billion cubic meters of gas in May 2016.

Pipelines transported 3.266 bcm of gas, LNG system transported 461 million cubic meters, APA reports.

During the reporting period, Turkey imported 1.948 bcm of gas from Russia, 722 mcm from Iran, 595 mcm from Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan makes up 15.96% of Turkey’s gas import.

Earlier we reported that Azerbaijan exported 2,173,710,000 cubic meters of gas to Turkey in January-April. So, in May the gas export from Azerbaijan to Turkey made up 2,768,710,000 cubic meters.  

In April Azerbaijan exported 576.84 mcm of gas to Turkey.

Azerbaijan exported 6,479,870,000 cubic meters of gas to Turkey in 2016.

Natural gas consumption in Turkey made up 3.435 bcm in May, up 17.9% from previous year. 


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