Azerbaijan has the right to defend its territories by any means and against any aggression, including environmental one: Israeli analyst

After the end of the Patriotic War and the liberation of territories, it has been found that Armenia's occupants not only destroyed almost all settlements, cut down gardens, and wiped out most of the crops, but also caused irreparable ecological damage to the entire region.

Israeli political analyst Yuri Bocharov made the remark in a conversation with News.Az while commenting about the contamination of the Okhchuchay River as a result of the mining industry in Armenia. 

"And there are a lot of examples. For example, one of the largest mining enterprises in Armenia, located in the Syunik region at the source of the river Okhchuchay, discharges industrial wastes directly into the river, without any pretreatment. At the same time, the German company CRONIMET, which is an active player in the mining sector in Armenia, simply ignores them, in spite of numerous public statements about complying with environmental standards."

According to him, it is worth paying attention that the plant is located on the territory of Armenia, and first of all its territory is polluted.

"By the way, such a negligent attitude of a foreign company towards Armenia's environment speaks only about Armenia's status in the world. It is treated as a "banana republic" which can be robbed by giving only a couple of "glass beads" to a local headman.  Most of the foreign sponsors of the various color revolutions rightfully think that they are entitled to everything as the winners, after all, they seem to be "raising" the country's economy, and for that, they are allowed to plunder its natural resources."

The political analyst pointed out that this may be the reason why the sponsors of "Armenian revolutions" were not interested in Armenia joining the Helsinki Convention on Transboundary Waters.

"After all, then they would have to work under the law, which is generally very costly. And no one is interested in the fact that Armenia is waging an environmental war against Azerbaijan as a result of this. Neither no one interested in its almost 30-year occupation of Azerbaijani territories. In this regard, Azerbaijan has the right to defend its territories by any means and from any aggression, including environmental one. And if today it has to litigate with Armenia and Germany, and possibly with other countries, whose companies cause environmental damage to the country, it must use all opportunities of environmental organizations of the UN and the EU."

Bocharov said that, unfortunately, the political instability in Armenia, and mainly its economic insolvency doesn't allow the country to deal not only with ecology which requires many resources but also with many social issues of its population: "Until Armenia is integrated as a business partner in the economy of neighboring countries, it will remain a "banana republic" with all the ensuing consequences."


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