Azerbaijan establishes tent city in Türkiye’s Kahramanmaras

Azerbaijan established a tent city in Kahramanmaras province, the epicenter of the last week’s twin earthquakes, with volunteers offering hot meals to victims. 

The tent city manager, Colonel Halig Huseynov, told Anadolu that right after the earthquake they moved to the region with a 720-person search and rescue team upon the instruction of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, News.Az reports. 

Stating that they are in the region to reduce the effects of earthquakes, Huseynov said that they will continue to stay in Türkiye until everything returns to normal.

“We have established 760 tents so far and are continuing to do so. Tents are for six people and there is a wood stove and electricity connection. Beds and all necessary equipment will be given by our team. We’ll do whatever it takes to be there for our brothers and sisters,” said Huseyinov.

“When we came to the earthquake region, we were devasted by the things we heard from the victims. This is not only Türkiye’s problem, it’s also Azerbaijan’s,” he added.


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