Azerbaijan discovers human remains in liberated Fuzuli

The remains believed to belong to two people have been found near the village of Ashagi Seyidahmadli in Azerbaijan’s Fuzuli district, Adalat Hasanov, director of the Association of Forensic Medical Expertise and Pathological Anatomy of the Ministry of Health, said on Tuesday, News.Az reports.

He noted that the excavations carried out near the village of Ashaghi Seyidahmadli village in Fuzuli before May 16 unearthed the remains believed to belong to two people.

“At the moment, we have the remains of 200-300 people. When sappers, prosecutors, and those involved in repair and construction work find the remains, our staff bring them in. It is not known whether these remains belong to the missing persons or to people who died in a later period. Sometimes rib bones are found, but no DNA can be taken from them because decomposition has taken place. It is not yet possible to say exactly how many people the remains belong to. Remains have also been recovered from the tomb of an unidentified Martyr. They are also included in the general list,” Hasanov added.

The first mass grave was discovered in Edilli village of Khojavand district in February and was confirmed to contain the remains of around 15-20 Azerbaijanis.


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