Azerbaijan discloses amount of defense and security spending for 2024

Defense and security spending in Azerbaijan will amount to three billion manat ($1.8 billion) next year, News.Az reports citing the country's Ministry of Finance. 

"In order to further strengthen the country's defense capability and national security and modernize the logistics of the army, the state budget for 2024 provides for the creation of financial support in the amount of three billion manat ($1.8 billion)," the ministry said.

According to the Ministry of Finance, tax revenues are forecasted at the level of 17.9 billion manat ($10.5 billion), and non-tax revenues are 16.1 billion manat ($9.5 billion).

In addition, it is expected that the revenues of the state budget of Azerbaijan next year will amount to 33.8 billion manat ($19.9 billion).


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