Azerbaijan detains suspects in terror act in Khojavend

The suspects involved in a terror act that claimed the lives of two civilians and four police officers in the village of Taghaverd of Azerbaijan’s Khojavend district have been detained, the State Security Service said in a statement on Monday, News.Az reports.

“The local anti-terror measures were launched on September 19-20 this year to put an end to the terrorist-provocative acts carried out by the illegal Armenian armed formations stationed in the Azerbaijani territories, where the Russian peacekeeping contingent is temporally deployed, forcing the Armenian terrorist groups to surrender. The local anti-terrorist measures on September 20 resulted in disarming and detaining the suspects involved as units of the illegal organized armed formations in the continuous terror acts, which, in particular, claimed the lives of two civilians and four police officers as a result of the two incidents of September 19, on the 58th km of the Ahmadbayli-Fuzuli-Shusha road and in a newly built tunnel in the village of Taghaverd, Khojavend district,” the statement reads.

The State Security Service called on the Armenian residents living in Garabagh to hand over their ammunition as soon as possible and refrain from illegal actions, including the destruction of residential property and documents, as well as other actions, which could pose a threat to the overall development of the districts, which are part of the Garabagh Economic Region of Azerbaijan, as well as the prosperity of the Armenian residents living in Garabagh, their peaceful reintegration into the Azerbaijani society, resolution of the social and humanitarian issues, protection of legislation, stability and social security.

Azerbaijan guarantees full protection of the rights and freedoms of the Armenian residents, complying with the requirements of the relevant legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the State Security Service added.


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