Azerbaijan defuses over 9,500 mines in its liberated lands

The Azerbaijan Mine Action Agency conducts mine and unexploded munition clearance operations in Aghdam, Fuzuli, Jabrayil, Zangilan, Gubadly, Tartar districts and the city of Shusha, the Agency said. 

According to the source, the operations are ongoing in the territories where the Barda-Aghdam, Fuzuli (Horadiz) - Zangilan (Aghband) railway lines, Fuzuli (city)-Shusha, Sugovushan-Talysh-Tapgaragoyunlu highways, and high-voltage power lines in the directions of Fuzuli-Shusha, Aghdam city, and the settlement of Sugovushan (Tartar district) will pass, as well as in areas for cropping in Aghdam, Gubadly and Zangilan districts.

The demining and unexploded munition clearance operations are carried out manually, using mechanical demining machines and mine detecting dogs.

Since September 27, 2020, during the demining operations, more than 16,586 square meters of territory (16,586 hectares) have been checked, 9,584 anti-personnel and anti-tank mines, 7,081 unexploded munitions found and neutralized.

The agency reminded citizens about the continuing mine threat in the liberated territories and prohibition to visit them without special permission for security reasons.


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