Azerbaijan: Construction of Talish-Tapgaragoyunlu-Gashalty highway continues (PHOTO)

The construction of the Talish-Tapgaragoyunlu-Gashalti sanatorium (Naftalan city) highway, the foundation of which was laid by President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev in Tartar district on October 3, 2021, continues at a rapid pace, the State Agency of Azerbaijan Automobile Roads told News.Az.

The highway with a length of 22 kilometers will connect four settlements.

A 19-kilometer section of the highway is being built in accordance with the second technical category, and a three-kilometer section - the fourth technical category.

The width of the 19-kilometer section’s carriageway will amount to nine meters, and of the 3-kilometer section - six meters.

As part of the work on the first nine kilometers of the highway, unsuitable soil was removed, a roadbed was built and asphalt concrete was paved.

Currently, the construction of the road base and preparations for the asphalt concrete pavement are underway within the 9-22-km section.

Besides, a new road bridge across the Injachay river is being built on the highway section passing through Tapgaragoyunlu village. The three-span bridge will have a width of 14.5 meters.

In the last stage, road signs, mileage indicators and information boards will be installed on the highway to ensure the normal movement of vehicles.

The construction of the highway is planned to be completed by the end of 2022.


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