Azerbaijan conducts operation against people recruited by Iranian special services

The Interior Ministry, State Security Service and Prosecutor General's Office of Azerbaijan have conducted operation against people recruited by Iranian special services, according to a joint statement by the state bodies, News.Az reports.

According to the statement, in exchange for money, the persons committed actions aimed at destabilizing the situation in Azerbaijan.

The statement noted that Rufulla Akhundzade and Bakhtiyar Bayramov, living in Iran and collaborating with the special services of this country, recruited a resident of Azerbaijan's Tartar district Arif Jumshudov and instructed him to form a "resistance detachment" in order to create a religious state controlled by Sharia law in Azerbaijan, as well as to seize power through armed riots in the country and violent changes in the constitutional order of Azerbaijan.

Following these instructions, Jumshudov got involved with his work acquaintances who promote religious radicalism - Tarzan Garashov, Sanan Mammadov, Khagani Mammadov and Igbal Akhundov.

He conveyed the instructions of Akhundzade and Bayramov to the above persons at meetings, which he regularly held in his house.

Besides, Akhundzade involved Baku resident Anar Isayev in the collaboration.

The detainees, calling themselves “believers”, carried out propaganda in favor of Iran and religious radicalism through social networks and at ceremonies, carried out the instructions from abroad in order to undermine the traditions of religious tolerance formed in Azerbaijan.

The gang members also organized the smuggling of drugs purposefully sent from Iran, directed the funds received to promote religious radicalism and finance other subversive activities in Azerbaijan.

As part of the case, operational search and investigative activities are ongoing, added the statement.

Previously, Azerbaijan's Interior Ministry detained 39 people, who were engaged in subversive and sabotage actions under the guise of religion, and carried out the instructions of the Iranian special services in order to undermine the traditions of tolerance in Azerbaijan.


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