Azerbaijan commences construction of road connecting Barda-Aghdam highway with Asgaran town

Construction of a road connecting the Barda-Aghdam highway with Asgaran town has now started, reports via the State Agency of Azerbaijan Automobile Roads (AAY).

Construction is underway for an 18-kilometer highway linking the 40th kilometer of the Barda-Aghdam highway to Asgaran town (the ring road of Aghdam city). This project is being carried out at the II technical level, considering the development plan for Karabakh.

"Currently, excavation operations are progressing on the highway following the project plan. Specialized equipment is utilized to remove unsuitable soil, widen, and shape the road. Adequate manpower has been mobilized for this task.

In accordance with the project specifications, various diameter round pipes, culverts, and reserve passages for underground and communication lines are being installed along the newly constructed road to facilitate water transmission.

Upon completion, this highway will enable travelers from Barda to Khankendi, Shusha, and Lachin to bypass Aghdam swiftly and safely via the ring road.

The construction adheres to the standards outlined in the "Construction Norms and Rules" and follows a predetermined schedule, overseen by the management of the State Agency of Azerbaijan Automobile Roads.

The Asgaran Highway is a key infrastructure project within the Karabakh and East Zangezur economic regions, promising to significantly contribute to the socio-economic advancement of the recently liberated territories of Azerbaijan," the agency said.


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