Azerbaijan commemorates 31st anniversary of Balligaya massacre committed by Armenia

Thirty-one years have passed since the monstrous mass murder committed by the Armenian armed forces against peaceful Azerbaijanis in the village of Balligaya in the Goranboy district.

The tragedy, which went down in history as the massacre in Balligaya, took place on August 28, 1992, at about 5 a.m.

As a result of the massacre, 24 peaceful Azerbaijanis were brutally killed, including 6 children, as well as a six-month-old infant, and a 93-year-old woman. The bodies of the killed children, women, and old people were burnt. Three minors were left orphans.

The Balligaya massacre is an act of terror in a series of bloody crimes, and genocides committed by the Armenian armed forces in Garadaghli village of Khojavand district, Khojaly town, Aghdaban village of Kalbajar district to exterminate the Azerbaijani population of Karabakh. 

After the occupation of the Lachin district by Armenia in the summer of 1992, the local population expelled from their homes was forced to settle in different regions of Azerbaijan. Six families with kinship ties settled in the territory of Balligaya, which is favorable for cattle breeding. Residents of Lachin district, who settled in tents in Balligaya village in August, also came here with the sole purpose of continuing livestock farming.

On August 28, they were all brutally murdered. At about 5 a.m., a heavily armed detachment of Armenian armed forces saboteurs carried out a bloody massacre of peaceful Azerbaijanis. Twenty-four civilians were brutally killed, 9 people were seriously wounded. All the dead and wounded were engaged in livestock breeding.

The bloody massacres of peaceful Azerbaijanis in Balligaya, Garadaghli, Khojaly, and Aghdaban clearly demonstrate that Armenians have been hatching hostile plans against our compatriots throughout history. These bloody acts will never be erased from the memory of Azerbaijanis.


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