Azerbaijan changes e-visa issuance procedure

The Board of Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has made a decision to amend the Administrative Regulations on admission of applications and documents for

According to the Regulations, this electronic service provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is about visa formalization or refusal of it, depending upon the adoption and review of and response to electronic applications of foreigners and stateless persons who wish to travel to the Republic of Azerbaijan in order to obtain a visa (excluding e-tourist visa).  

Applications of foreigners and stateless persons for visa issuance shall be reviewed at least 15 days after the date of application within a minimum of 2 working days, in cases prescribed by the President of Azerbaijan or if the visit of a foreigner or stateless person is due to an urgent treatment or serious illness or the death of a close relative residing in Azerbaijan.

State fee in the amount of $20 is paid for transit visas and single entry visas, and $ 350 for multiple entry visas. Payment is carried out through bank, postal, plastic card, internet, electronic payment systems.

There were no other executors of this e-service on the issuance of a visa in electronic form so far.

Until now, the issuance of electronic visas was dealt with only by the Foreign Ministry. In accordance with the changes, the State Security Service and the Foreign Intelligence Service were included in the list of other executors of this e-service. At the same time, the place of submission of e-service has also been changed. The Foreign Ministry will henceforth submit the e-service not on “”, but on “”.

The decision comes into force on February 27.  


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