AZAL addresses passengers on tickets for Baku-Nakhchivan route

The National Air Carrier of Azerbaijan (“AZAL”) urges passengers to purchase tickets for this route only through the Airline's call center, otherwise they may have fallen victim to the scam.

AZAL kindly reminds its passengers that the sale of air tickets on the Baku-Nakhchivan-Baku route is to be carried out in a sequenced manner. You can sign up for the waiting list in two ways - through the feedback form or through the WhatsApp messenger:

- For Baku-Nakhivan flights: 

WhatsApp: +99455 204 65 54

- For Nakhchivan-Baku flights: 

WhatsApp: +994 60 487 30 11

When applying, passengers will be required to send scanned copies of their IDs, as well as their contact numbers to receive feedback.

The Airline notes that the price of a ticket for this route is determined by the Tariff Council of Azerbaijan and for the citizens of the country and makes 50 AZN for one-way trip.

“Azerbaijan Airlines” also reserves the right to apply to law enforcement bodies to investigate such practices by travel companies or individuals.


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