ASALA claims responsibility for vandalism against synagogue in Yerevan (VIDEO)

The terrorist organization Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia (ASALA), has claimed responsibility for vandalism against a synagogue in Yerevan, News.Az reports citing Trend.

The synagogue was doused with liquid and windows were knocked out.

In its statement, ASALA calls this act of vandalism "a successful intimidation operation", saying that "Jews are sworn enemies of the Armenian state and the Armenian people".

"This is a warning: our successful operation on October 3 in Yerevan is just the beginning. This is just a declaration of our serious commitments. Every rabbi will be in our field of vision," they said in a statement.

ASALA is openly threatening war, saying that it "will wage a war against Israeli Jews in Europe, America, Canada, Georgia. No Israeli jew will feel safe coming to these countries".

This is another clear example of anti-Semitism in the Armenian society, and also demonstrates the lack of tolerance towards bearers of a different ethnic identity and religious beliefs.


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