Armenia’s refusal to establish checkpoint on Lachin road ‘clear example’ of its policy of supporting separatism: Azerbaijani MP

As is known, the Armenian side rejected the proposal of the Azerbaijani side to establish a border control checkpoint with Armenia on the Lachin road, which will be an important step leading to peace negotiations and stability for the region, Ramil Hasan, a member of Azerbaijan’s Milli Majlis, told News.Az reports.

The lawmaker stated that undoubtedly, this is once again a clear example of Armenia's non-adherence to peace in the processes and its policy of supporting separatism.  

“Because the rejection of Armenia's official Yerevan to the control checkpoint, which does not and will not create any problems regarding the unimpeded movement of Karabakh Armenians, who serve peace and are citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and which we have accepted as citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan, means that various games will be played through that road. We have to accept their rejection as a response to the fact that it will harm the game of Armenia and the forces that use it as an outpost regarding the transportation of the natural resources of our country, as well as the transportation of weapons and ammunition, as well as the transportation and delivery of illegal armed groups and terrorists to Karabakh,” he said.

“We should understand this as the pressure on Armenia by the countries that are preventing the peace, stability and security in the region, the peace agreement between Armenia and Azerbaijan, and the peace agreement that has been established in the region after hundreds of years,” R. Hasan added.

The MP noted that as Mr. President Ilham Aliyev emphasized at the Munich Security Conference that by bringing Pashinyan to power, who was defeated for the second time, the Armenian people gave this government a peace mandate.

“Unfortunately, today's government has become an outpost of others because it cannot conduct an independent policy and because it remains under their control, influence and pressure, today it objects with a thousand excuses to each of the proposals proposed by the Azerbaijani side aimed at the development of constructive relations.”

“Undoubtedly, the signing of the peace agreement, in turn, serves to prolong the process, bring stability to the region and keep relations on a strained line again. And I would also like to clearly and clearly state that many countries with interests in the South Caucasus, especially Iran and other countries, also benefit from this,” he added.


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