Armenia's recent provocation 'act of terrorism' and it should be qualified that way - Israeli expert

Despite the fact that the recent months have brought a positive dynamic between Azerbaijan and Armenia, despite the efforts of Ilham Aliyev, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of Azerbaijan, his meetings with Prime Minister Pashinyan in Sochi and Europe, despite the fact that Pashinyan demonstrates good and prudent behavior, and I began to improve my opinion of him, we see that the situation is often out of control.

Israeli political scientist and expert in international law Mikhail Finkel made the remark in an interview with News.Az, commenting on the recent provocation by Armenia on the Azerbaijani-Armenian border.

"We see that now again radical elements within the Armenian armed forces have shelled Azerbaijani positions and another soldier has died. Another family is in mourning and grief. This, of course, cannot be forgiven and one cannot turn a blind eye to this," the expert said.

"We can see that someone in Armenia has had dizzying success. Because about 70 Armenian servicemen were sent on a CSTO mission to Kazakhstan now control the Almaty market. Maybe someone in Armenia took it as a great military achievement, which gives the right to open fire at the Azerbaijani troops on the border in such an impudent and unprecedented manner," Finkel added.

According to the expert, this is an act of terrorism and it should be qualified that way.

"And I see that for all that Pashinian is trying to normalize the situation especially in recent months, he is not in control of the situation in his country and he is not in full control of his subordinate servicemen. This is regrettable, and I can only express my condolences to the Azerbaijani people, and express my hope that this situation will be rectified," the political scientist concluded.


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