Armenia’s propaganda campaign against Azerbaijan has no grounds - Political scientist

“Foreign Ministers of Armenia and France held a meeting on August 15. After the phone conversation, the French MFA released a statement. In the statement, it appears that France has not changed its biased position against Azerbaijan in solving the Azerbaijan-Armenia problem," political scientist Matin Mammadli told

He stressed that in the statement Azerbaijan was once again accused of blockading the Armenian residents living in Azerbaijan's Karabakh.

"Azerbaijan never blockade the Armenian residents living in Karabakh but makes concrete proposals to improve their humanitarian situation. The Aghdam-Khankandi road was offered to Armenia so that the humanitarian needs of the Armenians living in Karabakh would be met through this road. Unfortunately, Azerbaijan’s this goodwill offer was not accepted by Armenia," said the political scientist.

"On July 6, the International Court of Justice rejected the accusation brought by Armenia against Azerbaijan. This means that Armenia's recent campaign against Azerbaijan has no ground. Such statements of France hinder the establishment of lasting peace in the region," said Matin Mammadli.

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