Armenia’s opposition boycotts parliamentary discussions on early presidential election

Opposition factions in Armenia’s parliament have turned down discussions on an early presidential election, which is due to take place in March, News.Az reports citing Armenian media.

The opposition’s boycott has caused problems in the work of the government and parliament.

Acting Parliament Speaker Hakob Arshakyan said as many as 65 Armenian lawmakers nominated High-Tech Industry Minister Vahagn Khachaturyan for the post of the country’s president, after which members of the opposition factions left the meeting hall.

On January 23, 2022, Armenian President Armen Sarkissian announced his resignation.

In a written statement on his official website, Sarkissian said that he does not have the “necessary tools to influence the radical processes of domestic and foreign policy in these difficult times for the country and the nation.”

The term of office of Sarkisyan, who was elected president in 2018, was set to end in 2025.

From February 1 on, Parliament Speaker Alen Simonyan temporarily assumed the president’s duties.


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