Armenia’s moves and lies negate positive trends in post-conflict period – political scientist

Armenia’s recent moves against Azerbaijan and Yerevan’s lies are nullifying the positive trends in the post-conflict period, Ilgar Valizadeh, an Azerbaijani political scientist, told News.Az.

Armenia, enjoying impunity, keeps taking provocative actions against Azerbaijan and expanding the scale of its disinformation campaign, the political scientist noted.

“The Armenian authorities, sticking to their old habits, have recently begun to organize the trips of foreign political figures to Yerevan with the aim of providing them with ‘false and unfounded information’ about Azerbaijan. Yerevan continues to make groundless accusations against Azerbaijan. Unfortunately, some political figures believe Armenia’s lies and then mislead the public in their countries,” Valizadeh said. 

He emphasized that some foreign political figures have not yet abandoned their biased stance on Azerbaijan.

“Such a biased stance on Azerbaijan is unacceptable. Azerbaijan has repeatedly presented the facts of Armenian war crimes and aggression to various international organizations. But no serious reaction was made, no resolutions and decision were taken in this regard,” Valizadeh said. 

The political scientist said Azerbaijan has already filed interstate claims against Armenia to international courts. “I do believe that international courts will adopt serious decisions on Armenia’s war crimes,” he added.


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