Armenia’s lies are no longer believed on an int’l scale - political scientist

Armenia and its some Western supporters’ hopes were dashed at the UN Security Council yesterday,” political scientist Zaur Mammadov told

Mr Mammadov noted that Armenia, disregarding the positive points achieved in the meetings held in the US and the EU, brought the issue to the international arena: “Armenia wanted to show Azerbaijan guilty by inciting and provoking. The reason for this is Yerevan's avoidance of peace talks. The desire of the separatists was to create a legal basis in their own world for leaving Azerbaijan in the future, using the words blockade and genocide. But it failed. Azerbaijani diplomacy succeeded.”

"What should happen next? The requirements of the official Baku must be implemented. These requirements are based entirely on international law. The demands are that the road of Aghdam-Khankendi and Lachin is opened and the dialogue about integration is started. In fact, agreements were reached in this regard. However, at the last moment, Armenia withdrew. The separatists violated the agreement. But no one will play with them anymore. The international community does not have to comply with their unjust demands. They are known as inadequate parties" the political scientist said.

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