Armenia’s attempts to deploy fact-finding mission to Karabakh ‘great disrespect’ to int’l legal norms – political scientist

Armenia’s attempts to deploy a fact-finding mission to Karabakh are a great disrespect to international legal norms, Matin Mammadli, an Azerbaijani political scientist, told News.Az.

He noted that Karabakh is recognized as an integral part of Azerbaijan by the international community, and no fact-finding mission can be deployed to the region without Baku’s consent.

The political scientist pointed out that Azerbaijani authorities have recently expressed a firm position on this issue.

“This is not possible from a political or legal point of view. Such a position by Armenia undermines the peace talks. This once again shows that Armenia sticks to its non-constructive stance, and it is impossible to achieve progress in this situation,” he added.

Mammadli stressed that Armenians living in Azerbaijan’s Karabakh region are Azerbaijani citizens. He said that discussing this issue with a third party is impossible from a political and legal point of view.

“Azerbaijan is interested in continuing contacts with Armenians living in its Karabakh region, and their problems can be solved only within Azerbaijan’s laws,” the political scientist added.  

Mammadli recalled that the Azerbaijani side has already held the first meeting with representatives of the Armenian community in Karabakh.

“I consider Armenia’s stance on this issue and its attempts to create an international mechanism by involving a third party to be completely illogical. Such a stance contradicts any political and legal norms. Azerbaijan is interested in ensuring peace and will do everything possible to achieve it,” he concluded.


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