Armenia’s armed provocations against Azerbaijan ‘predictable’ – Israeli political scientist

Armenia’s armed provocations against Azerbaijan are predictable, Yuri Bocharov, an Israeli political scientist told News.Az.

“Despite the alleged victory of Nikol Pashinyan, a single political structure has not yet been formed in Armenia that would control its entire territory and all the actions of its power structures,” Bocharov said.

On July 13, at 21:34 (GMT +4) and 21:45, the positions of the Azerbaijani Army around the city of Shusha were shelled by illegal Armenian armed detachments that are in the territory of Azerbaijan, where Russian peacekeepers are temporarily deployed. Moreover, on July 14, at about 10:00, the Armenian armed forces units using various caliber weapons opened fire at the Azerbaijani Army’s positions located in the direction of Sadarak region, the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic along the Armenian-Azerbaijani state border.

The political scientist noted that there are many destabilizing factors in Armenia itself.

“There are many Armenian politicians and their foreign patrons who are clearly not satisfied with the normalization of relations both with Azerbaijan and the entire region,” he said.  

The political scientist stressed that in this situation there is a question of the reaction by the Azerbaijani army to protect the country's borders. “At the same time, any fact of Armenian aggression should not remain unanswered and should be reacted by all international organizations in charge of peace and security issues,” Bocharov added.


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