Armenian political leadership continues its hate policy and intolerance against Azerbaijan: Ombudsperson

“Armenia continues its hate policy and intolerance against Azerbaijan. As such, the recent messages spread on social media by Armenian users reflecting hateful insults against Azerbaijanis once more shows that the political leadership of Armenia continues its longstanding hate policy against Azerbaijan,” said Azerbaijan`s Commissioner for Human Rights (Ombudsman) Sabina Aliyeva as she commented on Armenia's hate policy against Azerbaijan.

“As we stated in our previous statements, the issue of ensuring the rights of Azerbaijani citizens of Armenian origin living in Karabakh is under the jurisdiction of the state of Azerbaijan.

The unfounded claims of the Ombudsman of Armenia regarding the protection of the rights of our citizens are completely inappropriate and interference in the sovereignty of another country.

Despite all this, with the support of the Armenian political leadership, exaggerating the events in the media in a biased manner and creating discord among people hinders the sustainable peace process in the region and at the same time serves to further aggravate the current situation,” the Ombudsman added.


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