Armenian outlets report a shift: Russians depart as Indians arrive

In recent months, the number of Russian citizens traveling to Armenia has decreased due to escalating political tensions between the two nations. This year, the first two months saw around 171,700 Russians arrive—nearly 36,000 fewer than the same period last year, a decrease of over 17%, as reported by News.Az citing the Armenian newspaper 168 Zham. Historically, the frequent visits by Russian businessmen and tourists significantly bolstered Armenia's economic growth, but these visits have now significantly reduced.

Current official data show a marked reduction in visits from Russian citizens this year, primarily attributed to the persistent tensions and the lack of favorable conditions in Armenia for leveraging these visits towards long-term benefits. High living costs and rising prices have made Armenia less attractive, even for relatively affluent Russians, resulting in a greater number of departures than arrivals. In fact, early this year, the net outflow from Armenia exceeded the inflow by almost 8,000 people.

In contrast, the influx of Indian nationals to Armenia has surged remarkably. A few years ago, their presence was barely noticeable in overall statistics. However, this year, about 9,000 Indian nationals arrived in just the first two months, a significant increase from the 1,100–1,200 during the same period in 2022. Over the last two years, the number of Indian visitors has increased seven to eight times, with a 2.3-fold increase noted at the start of this year.

This pattern suggests that while some newcomers continue to settle in Armenia, others, including many who had previously made Armenia their home, are relocating to countries with more favorable living conditions, lower costs, and a more comfortable lifestyle. These demographic shifts are likely to affect Armenia's economy and its citizens profoundly.



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