Armenian opposition tries to speculate on Karabakh peace deal - Lavrov

The Armenian opposition is trying to speculate on the Karabakh ceasefire accords, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an interview with Russian and foreign media on Thursday.

"We see protests that have now erupted in Yerevan and we see how much the opposition is trying to speculate on this situation," Russia’s top diplomat said.

As the Russian foreign minister said, "there are, of course, sincere people there who are probably offended that everything is ending like this at this stage."

"Although, there shouldn’t have been any illusions that the seven districts around Nagorno-Karabakh should forever remain in the position they were a month, a month and a half or two months ago," Lavrov pointed out.

"I believe that the responsible authorities should have explained to the population that at some stage this settlement would have to be implemented in accordance with the principles that had been on the table for many years, had been proposed by the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs and that opened, as I believe, an ideal way for settling this conflict without any bloodshed and without any damage to the security of whosoever in that region, first of all, of course, Karabakh Armenians and other ethnic groups living in Karabakh and from the countries of the region," TASS cited the Russian foreign minister as saying.

Russia’s top diplomat said he believed that "unblocking all communications: transport and economic links should play a big positive role for the region’s revival, including for the recovery of the Armenian economy that suffered more than others due to the termination of trade and transport links of Azerbaijan and the Turkish Republic."

"Now, in compliance with the deal that has come into force, all these links are being restored. The economy should breathe freely and transport links with Armenian partners should appear," Lavrov pointed out.


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