Armenian armed forces that entered territory of Azerbaijan withdrawn: Defense Ministry

On June 1, at around 20:00, the Armenian Armed Forces with about 40 servicemen intervened the territory of Azerbaijan in 400 meters in the direction of Armudlu village of the Kalbajar region of the Republic of Azerbaijan and took a position in geographical coordinates: N 40°04′30″; E 45°54′42″, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry and State Border Service said in a statement on Wednesday. 

As a result of urgent actions taken by the Armed Forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Armenian armed forces were withdrawn from the territory of Azerbaijan, said the statement. 

No weapons were used by the Azerbaijani armed forces during the withdrawal of the Armenian armed forces from the territory of Azerbaijan.

"The intervention of the Armenian armed forces in the territory of Azerbaijan is another provocation, and Armenia bears full responsibility for this. The incident demonstrates once again that Armenia aims to aggravate the situation along the state border of the two countries, contrary to the calls on of the international community and the Azerbaijani side to resolve border issues through negotiations and dialogue."     

"Cases of violations of the state borders of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the military intervention of the Armenian armed forces in the territory of Azerbaijan will continue to be suppressed by decisive actions. Armenia must act responsibly, respect the borders and territorial integrity of neighboring states and refrain from provocations that could aggravate the situation in the region," said the statement. 


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