Armenia will continue to resort to provocations against Azerbaijan in the future – expert

The attacks on Azerbaijani soldiers last week showed that the fundamental basis of Armenia's Karabakh policy to stage provocations to blame Azerbaijan for anything still exists, Deputy Director General of the Russian Federal Information-Analytical Agency Vestnik Kavkaza Andrey Petrov told News.Az.

According to the expert, such provocations mean that the Karabakh war is still not over in the minds of those who are in power or are striving for power in Armenia.

“In the future they [Armenians] will use the Karabakh theme, including similar acts of sabotage and terrorist acts both as a means of internal political struggle to accuse opponents of various forms of betrayal, and as a means of foreign policy aggression to put pressure on Azerbaijan and Russia. Thus, one should expect that Yerevan will continue to resort to provocations every time it needs to strike somewhere either inside Armenia or outside the country. The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is over, but it still remains an instrument for the "war party”, Petrov added.


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